Microwave Bird 🐦

Microwave Bird 
My father used to tell me
Not to stand directly in front of the microwave
I’m not quite sure what he thought would ensue
Radiation, I’m supposing
This being the same man who swore to Gawd
Sitting too close to the television would rob me of my eyesight
I’m an adult now and haven’t bothered to fact find or mission quest about either thing
Google, it’s said, listens to our conversations
This completely mortifies me
Makes me want to warm up a burrito in the micro and watch TV up real close
But nothing ever comes that easy
A bird flee into the window today
Fucking bird!
Supplied with a whole navigation system
Can’t tell glass from air!
I made sure it was okay
Then I laughed really hard
The absurdity of these here life things
Where the hell did that bird migrate from?
States and states away, probably
But the goddamn window proved problematic
Dad stopped telling me about the microwave some time ago
Truth is, miss it
Just a unique way of showing love
Like how my Uncle Al, ever protective, put me in charge of the burgers
When it’s painfully obvious
I can’t cook a lick
No speaking required watching burgers..
Television ran it’s course with me
Funny how things change
I don’t miss it
Something in me does crave my father’s concern over my eyesight
Apparently it is way too easy to mistake windows for air
Wouldn’t want to crash

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